Fight club

Fit Fight Session:

One-to-one session.

90 minutes of bespoke training including cardio and Mixed Martial Arts.

Everything you need to lose weight, improve your fitness and reduce stress.

Learn basic MMA techniques and try to get fit using boxing equipment.

Book your own Fit Fight session with one of our qualified instructors.

Price: £25 per 90min (NHS discount available)

MMA & Self defence training:

One-to-one session.

90 minutes of bespoke self defence training based on Mixed Martial Arts and uniformed services.

Qualified, experienced instructor.

The techniques we teach you will allow you to defend yourself against punches, kicks, grabbing attack, chocking and grounding fighting.

We teach you how to deal with violent people

Price: £25 per 90min (NHS discount available)

polskie MMA

Zajęcia grupowe dla wszystkich chętnych.

Każdy trening zakończony sparingami.

Podnieś z nami swoje umiejętności uderzeń, kopnięć, obaleń oraz parteru.

Poznaj podstawy technik MMA, popraw kondycję, oraz wyrzeźbij sylwetkę.

90 minut zajęć na świeżym powietrzu oraz na sali.

Kwalifikowany instruktor.

Cena: £10 za sesję treningową

Security consulting

A representative of the company has an international SIA licence and is entered on the list of qualified personnel providing protection of persons and property issued by the Polish Police. The experience gained during numerous courses and in the execution of tasks related to the general safety as well as the experience gained when carrying out orders for commercial and catering customers as well as during mass events make THE AMART a trustworthy company.

Protection of events

Ensuring the safety and comfort of participants of various events of a mass, sports, artistic or entertainment nature by taking protective measures carried out by security personnel (stewards, information services, security services) using technical support.

VIP protection

Ensuring safety and security of the protected person, regardless of the place and situation in which he or she finds himself or herself. The service includes the prevention of attempted crimes and misdemeanours in relation to the protected person, as well as taking the necessary actions to protect the health and life of the client.

Travel security

Business travel security service aimed at reducing the possibility of hazards. The package includes travel preparation (plan/logistics) and ensuring protection during the trip and at the destination (including incident monitoring). The service is provided by qualified employees with experience in special services.

Party management

‘THE AMART’ consultants form a well selected team of managers and event organisers. At your request, we are able to take up any challenge. We have surprised our customers more than once with our creativity and professionalism. We have at our disposal the most modern stage equipment, operated by professionals. High quality sound systems, lighting installations and light decorations - these are just a few items from our technical portfolio. But equipment would not be enough if it were not for the people who operate it out of pure passion. Educated musicians and experienced DJs as well as presenters will help you to choose the music repertoire that will appeal to the tastes of the most demanding audience. All this, combined with professional stage technique, allows us to prepare the best events you can imagine.

Our main advantage is the comprehensive approach to the organization of events. Due to the huge range of possibilities, we try to relieve you of the necessity to do anything. Each time we present a full offer prepared in response to your needs.

What do we do?

  • Special events - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other unforgettable moments spent with family and friends in clubs, restaurants and the open air.

  • Corporate events - meetings, conferences, training sessions.

  • Club parties - bachelor and bachelorette parties, ticketing events.

  • Charity events - picnics, reviews of young talents, concerts, collections.

We also provide services in the scope of:

  • stage preparation, sound system and lighting installation

  • music bands and/or DJs

  • entertainers

  • video-filming and photography

  • mobile bar

  • stage shows